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********CHARADIO (A)VARIÉE**********

Broadcasting live show from Charivari Transit Zone !!!

-Informations variées, information varies, les informations ont des varices

* everyday show with news from the chari vari inhabitants, weahter informations, horoscope and every kind of infos you need or don't.

- Aerobic for all except me

* Stretch your mind by exercice your body (Qing-kong training, ballet classes, relaxation mixes…) while listening to the official media of the circus.

- Talk show : dream and reality on the other side

* The radio crew invites performers and anynomous antities to picture their life and experiences in the circus and talk about the fantasies rising from the supposed life behind the wall.

- This song is for …

* Your dear radio crew will collect song wishes : every one is welcome to give a song and will have the opportunity to reccord a message that will be broadcast along with the song.

- Walls with doors

* Live concerts from the radio-caravane

- Shot by both sides

* The radio invites every one that feel siting on 2 chairs or living on both sides of the wall to perform in any more or less audible way their transitionnal feeling.

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Die LABORRATTEN Tina del Mar und xx.Lyssenko (alias Holger Lang) haben sich ihr Nest aus eine undefinierbare Mischung aus Kunst und Laboratorium neben den Zirkuszelt gebaut. Anarcho-Trash-Objektkunst von xx.Lyssenko (alias Holger Lang) verbindet sich mit Malerei verschiedener Stile und Spra-Art von Tina del Mar. Dazu kommt weisses Licht und Alufolie.
(Für genauere Beschreibungen sind Kunstkritiker zuständig....)

Von dort aus agieren die beiden LABORRATTEN mit wissenschaftlich-ominösen Aktivitäten.

Bomrani Music Box

There is  a music box. People will have the opportunity to compose their own music. There will be musicians standing in the box and following the command. In a limited  time a song will be done. The recorded music will be send via email. Each night, there will be a winner & a surprise ....

Erfan Abdi - vibroplasm

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Erfan Abdi is an artist, designer, and performer based in The Hague since 2009. He graduated from the Masters program at the Artscience Interfaculty, Royal Conservatoire The Hague in 2011. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design from the University of Tehran (2006). Erfan’s creative practice includes electronic music, video art, physical modeling, computer programming, and physical computing. Erfan Abdi has presented his works in several venues and places including Paradiso (Amsterdam), Todaysart (The Hague), Arselectronica (Linz), STRP (Eindhoven), NIME (conference on New Instruments for Musical Expression, 2013, Deajeon), November Music (Den Bosch), Logos (gent) and Steim (Amsterdam).

(foto: "the white island" - live performance, Belgrade 2015)

CNR Imaginative Implants

Aleksandar Popovic (Serbia)/Ana Dimitrijevic (Serbia)/Jascha Riesselmann (Germany)/Julia Blawert (Germany)/Marko Dimitrijevic (Serbia)

> links: karkatag | cogoahoi

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Are you ready to follow instructions, follow strangers, follow your instinct?

Newly established platform specializing in imaginative implants and associated instrumentation, The Center for Negotiating Reality invites all daring people to join.

During the program clients' perception is affected/modified and their everyday life is turned into an artificial and staged situation.

Everyday places might change, your role in your world might change. You can be someone different in a known world or vice versa: You stay the same and the surroundings get turned upside down.

Clients might experience danger, boredom, relaxation, exhaustion, strange and funny emotions.

All the necessary material and equipment are provided by the Center.

We are looking forward to forwarding you.

Tehran Carnival // Urban-Art-Circus

Tehran Carnival are Elmira Yousefi, Elmira Mahnia, Elnaz Ezzati, Mahtab Alizadeh, Ayda Alizadeh and Sepideh Zamani. A collective of young women from Tehran doing streetart and urban interventions, designing live concert stages and accessories for theater performances, joining Circus Charivari every 2 year with their amazing art work and energy. With all kind of materials, they create artistic interactions on site. For CB2014, they were inventing the first 12+1D and building different performative sculptures, we're hardly waiting for their brawny security guard interactive performance at CTZ2016!!!

"We've worn our chromatic Urbanity glasses to look at ART through them . . . Manipulating the way in which people look at a wall, door, or any other public/urban element . . . using concrete, wood doors and public contexts/spaces as our canvas, and trying to make use of on-site and waste materials and contributing them a kind of afterlife . . . the ideology lies beneath each so called "piece" which emerges somehow spontaneously, derived from the synergy of inspirations from the environment + our attitude towards art as a kind of nonverbal form of communication . . . our attempt is to address a portion of society which doesn't have any passion for art [ ...] and pushing them out of their surrounding sphere of ordinary daily passions/activities, even for a second [ ...]"

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The Cunt Lab,

unical Queer underground theatre, temple of Lust and transgression, settle down its Caravan once more by the Circus Charivari for your only pleasure ! A program of diverse feminist workshops,  projections and performances in company of the Berlin Best Bitches and Witches !

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