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circusbiennale berlin / CTZ-2016 / music

circusbiennale berlin



Bomrani is an Iranian independent experimental music band formed in 2008. Two unofficial and two official albums have been released by this band. Their unofficial albums are “Yellow Sky, Blue Sun” and “Naked Socks”. Their official albums:  “Red Bus”” and “Common Vent” were released by “Checkeh Records” and “Nofeh Records” respectively.
Bomrani was formed in 2008 by “Behzad Omrani”, (lead singer and rhythm guitar). He used “Bomrani” as his stage name and after having some solo performances and releasing “Yellow Sky, Blue Sun” album in 2010, he met “Mani Mozaka” (harmonica and trumpet) and “Jahanyar Ghorbani” (electric guitar) which led to the formation of Bomrani band officially. Later Arash Omrani (keyboards), Kiarash Omrani (bass guitar) and Abtin Yaghmaeian (drums) joined the band.
They had several creative collaborations with Iranian reputable theater directors and composed successful theater music pieces. They have also composed film scores for some Iranian famous movies.  
The variety of the music they composed in theater attracted various people with different tastes. Hence, they were commissioned by Chekeh Records to release an album - “Red Bus” - for children in 2012.
Bomrani is traveling to Berlin to play in Charivari Circus. This will be the first international experience of the band.

Sa. 27.08.2016, 20.00 h [circustent]


Shushan started to work  in experimental music at 2009 in Tehran-India. Shushan music is under influence of Eastern folk and classical music.

2011-2013, Performances in India, combination of music and visual performances: shadow play, puppet making, storytelling. Since then, they are researching in folk music mostly in North of Iran and digging in sounds and noises around  in any kind but no recording. Recently working in combinations between recipes and music, asking people to tell their own recipes, mixing this stories with documented sounds and music.

FR 02.09.2016, 23.00 h [inside]

Schnur - chansonpunk

[>> website]

Ein Leben in Freiheit geht nur unter der Herrschaft von Schnur ! Schubladen sind für Socken oder Unterwäsche da, oder um sie in die Luft zu jagen. SCHNUR passen jedenfalls in keine davon und benötigen sie auch nicht. Seit 2006 fabrizieren sie unbekümmert ihren anarchischen Mix aus punkiger Haltung und lebensnaher Chanson. Energiegeladen, unprätentiös und geradeheraus, funktioniert die unwahrscheinliche Instrumentierung durch die reine Spielfreude von Gitarrist B-Noir, Cellistin Miss X und dem Zeremonienmeister Potter, getrieben durch den seelenlosen Beat der Drumcomputerin Uschi Power. Schnur steht für Grenzenlosigkeit im musikalischen Schaffen und ist der Strick, an dem sich der kleingeistige Kritiker aufknüpft.

Fr. 26.08.2016, 23.00 h [inside]

Succulent Lips

Is the name of a collaborative music project from Tehran, doing various collaborations between talented mix engineers, musicians and vocalists. The duo started their career after a studio session where vocalist Roja met musician Soheil in 2014. As a resulting output, their debut single ‘94’ was then published on iTunes store in June 2015. The vocals were improvised and recorded on the second take, the other experiments were done based on the previous productions and the record sessions with samples from other composer friends. The other works of the duo also portrays a desire to reach for dreamy soundscapes and utopian pictures. Jazz vocalist Roja prefers atmospheres beyond jazz music and believes doing music in Iran is not very odd according to its rich culture, but to be performing live is a different story; to Soheil it is a quest for unimagined landscapes. After all, entertainment is what they are talking about!

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