"Comfort Zone" Die neueste Show der Familie Charivari -

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(EN) Aerial Counterweight Piece

18.08 um 20.00 & 19.08 um 18.00

new Outdoor Creation by in_tensegrity, work-in-progress Showing.
Poetic & spectacular acrobatics on a rope pulley system.
About complex human relationships – power and (in)dependency, trust and manipulation.
Witness the two highly skilled acrobats catapult each other in the air and get themselves in the most precarious situations.

(DE) ein luftartistisches Counterweight Stück

neue Outdoor Kreation von in_tensegrity, work-in-progress Showing
Poetische & spektakuläre Akrobatik an einem Seilzugsystem.
Über komplexe zwischenmenschliche Beziehungen – Macht und (Un)Abhängigkeit, Vertrauen und Manipulation. Seid dabei wenn sich die zwei Akrobaten gegenseitig in die Höhe katapultieren und in schier ausweglose Situationen bringen.

burning sensation >>> 18. AUGUST

Schon einmal deine Freiheit verloren?
Schon einmal eingesperrt gewesen?
Schon einmal dran gedacht dir das Leben zu nehmen?

“Der Knast” ein Stück Menschheit und genauso zerstörend.

burning sensation zeigt in dem Stück die Hilflosigkeit und die Ohnmachtsgefühle im Gefängnis eines Menschen mit vielen Feuereinlagen und der einen oder anderen Überraschung.

burning sensation zeigt ein Gefühl von Feuer, Schmerz und Wut!


AYURVEDA >>> 18. August

A show of theater and flamenco about the people´s wild nature

With Irene “La Furriola”
Born in south Spain and dedicated in art for all her life.
In a flamenco lenguage she talk about life, elements and simplicity.
Love & compassion

next Zakapüs SHOW >> 19. & 26.08 - 16Uhr

Zakapüs (sac à puce) ist einer Sack voller Flöhe zwischen Zirkus und Puppenspiel, in dem die Artisten bunte Flöhe sind: Seiltänzern, Akrobaten, Clowns…
Und kein Zirkus ohne Madame(!) Loyale, sie ist eine Zauberin, die mit Humor und leichte Wahnsinn die fantastischen Kaskaden ihrer geschickten Flöhe präsentiert.

Zakapüs (sac à puce) is a flea bag between circus and puppetshow where the artists are colorfull fleas : Funambulists, acrobats, clowns, etc..
And there is no circus without its Madame(!) Loyale, this one is a bit of a magician. She presents with humor and a inch of lunacy the perilous stunts of her wonderfull fleas.


**we are no sex symbols! next show: 18.08 um 19.00

- wildes Variété Programm aus Spanien mit clownerie & aerials.

‘A Sensitive case’: Performance rund um die Mausefalle 31.08. ab 18:00

In this project I’m searching and exploring different themes by provoking and limiting myself with mousetraps in any way I can find.

Case 10986b from Bert Vanden Berghe on Vimeo.

​Twisted Sister Sideshow Presents Crash test: >>25.8. 21.00 Uhr

A Brand new show by: Zora van der Blast and Princess Tweedle Needle

This cosmic duo is ready to present you a brand new show that will literally turn you upside down in your seats! Both coming from a wide variety of circus background these ladies have put together a comical stuntshow that pushes the boundaries of what is humanly possible!
They combine Circus, classical sideshow, comedy, physical theatre and put their own special Twist to it!! So let these ladies take you on a wild ride, make you cry with laughter, shock and amaze you!

Their show is 45-60 Minutes and filled with comical and often dangerous stunts!
Sword swallowing, Beds of Nails, Human block head and many many more classical sideshow tricks
performed in a whole new way!

Zora van der Blast is a Polish aerialist, contortionist and bonafide heart breaker, with the strongest ass in the universe (no, really)! She comes from a long line of experimental theatrical performers, doing movies, performance art, acting and circus. Zora holds an enormous passion for latex, sarcasm and adventure, showcasing her glorious nomadic talents in the National Theater of Poland and circus festivals worldwide.

Princess Tweedle Needle is A fearless and ferocious femme fatale! Tweedle combines traditional fakir stunts with outrageous and sideshow acts. She’s charming, comical, and completely fearless. Tweedle lifts strange items with stranger body parts. This sideshow Princess travels worldwide with her solo show La Macheta, with the Squidling Brothers Circus Sideshow She produced and toured with the Demented Dolls of Sideshow the first all female traveling sideshow and with many other companies and collaborations such as the World Sideshow Festival in Australia and the Sadistic Circus in Japan


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