circusbiennale berlin


Attraktionen des Geländes (zu jeder Zeit und jeden tAg)

everyday and everytime on the circus place!!


the unbelievable freak byke adventure!

the Cunt lab temple of Queerness and Lust!

Tehran Carnival Laboratory

Hair design and zombie make up!

Dr. K spricht über Hegel.

Kuriositäten Kabinett

Orakel maschine

Wissenschaftlicher Diskurs über die Zukunft der Kulturpolitik

the amazing pyrocircus!

Kunst maschine

das Karussell

traditionelle Persische Bäckerei

*Polirama** - Eine Vielschau mechanischer Theaterszenen durchs Kuckloch eines Traummobils.

The Global Sideshow

Shoot the freaks

und viele Life Akts!

& Vokü täglich um 18Uhr


Tehran Carnival // Urban-Art-Circus

Tehran Carnival are Ayda Alizadeh, Mahtab Alizadeh, Elnzaz Ezati, Elmira Mahnia, Elmira Yousefi and Sepideh Zarmani. A collective of young women from Tehran doing streetart and urban interventions. With all kind of materials, they create artistic interactions on site. For CB2014, they were inventing the first 12+1D and building different performative sculptures.

"We've worn our chromatic Urbanity glasses to look at ART through them . . . Manipulating the way in which people look at a wall, door, or any other public/urban element . . . using concrete, wood doors and public contexts/spaces as our canvas, and trying to make use of on-site and waste materials and contributing them a kind of afterlife . . . the ideology lies beneath each so called "piece" which emerges somehow spontaneously, derived from the synergy of inspirations from the environment + our attitude towards art as a kind of nonverbal form of communication . . . our attempt is to address a portion of society which doesn't have any passion for art [ ...] and pushing them out of their surrounding sphere of ordinary daily passions/activities, even for a second [ ...]"

>> website

The cunt lab

The Cunt Lab Caravan is welcoming you, playfull minds ! Come and rebirth at the temple of Queerness and Lust! Turn the magic Wheel and hopefully Enter the Cunt !

Our glamourous whores, fortune tellers, transgressive creatures are there to offer you their deviant pannel of sexpositive services every afternoon on the side-show ! Later on, it's with their Unical "Peep Show" representations that our performers are gonna surprise you !

You are not dreaming, we will show you everything.

Only one promess : You will never be the same afterwards.

Say goodbye to normativity with : Jenny Tale, Francesca, Pussy Punx, Emy Fem, Ann Antidote, Lun Ario, Jack GenderFuck... and many others !

Cunt exhibition (visuals/photos) : by Jn1, Sissi <3<3, Ann Antidote and Lun Ario.
Cuntbliotek : infokiosk, 'zines and feminist discussions
With exceptionnal workshops !!! ( Bondage, Pole Dance, Lap Dance, DIY bike-tube toys)

The Karussel

construction: atelier terreclaire with POMC-prod, Artronis Visualisierung & St37

creature design: artistic workshop with girls at phantalisa, Zentrum für Mädchen und junge Frauen, Berlin.

POLIRAMA & the Peanuts Elefant

The Freakomat

a self made foto automat with a real painter inside!

Karkatag Kollektiv, interactive machines

Frau Grün, bart knitting

Bea, costume, masks & make up workshop

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